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We are main repair agents for major manufacturers like: -
Panasonic, Toshiba, LG & Samsung, but can also offer a repair service for many other makes, provided we can obtain service data and spare parts. For example some products are “badged” as Hitachi by a National Retailer and they limit all service.

   Service Charges
We operate a system of fixed labour and transport charges. The charges are payable when you leave the equipment with us or when we collect it. Any additional charges for parts or materials must be paid at the time the equipment is collected by you or delivered by us

   Repair Labour Charges
       Dyson Vacuum Cleaners                                                  £30,00
        DVD, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi & Recorders                        £40,00    
       LCD and Plasma Televisions                                            £40.00

   Transport Charges
       Portable items, DVD's etc. including TV's up to 42”     £10.00    
       Any larger item, TV's 42” and over.                                £20.00

   Loan Equipment
We can sometimes provide loan equipment, these are standard DVD, VCR and 26” LCD. Not like for like of the equipment being repaired, at a fixed charge of £10.00 for the duration of the repair.

    Materials and refunds
We will complete any repair requiring £50.00 or less in spare parts. We will provide an estimate for any repair requiring spare parts over the cost of £50.00. No refunds are given if the estimate is declined or the equipment is not repairable. A “sales allowance” of the fixed labour cost will be allowed against the purchase of replacement equipment from us for up to six weeks

All spare parts that we fit during a repair are guaranteed for a period of three months from the time of repair, with the exception of specifically designed safety devices such as fuses and belts. Our guarantee covers the labour charge, the replacement part and the use of any loan equipment and any additional transport charges that may be required.

    In-home Retune/Installation
Retunes                                        £40.00

 Installation                                   £40.00


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V.A.T Registration No: 399456876

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"We are always happy to do business with Broadbents. The staff are always kind, helpful and considerate. The care they show when delivering is second to none"

Mrs G, Almondbury

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