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Ebac are the only washing machines designed and manufactured in the UK. Ebac washing machines are packed full of really useful features including a 20 minute quick wash cycle, wide door opening, delay start and a special drum clean programme.


Saving money with every wash Whether it's a small or large load, our machine just knows. Precision 360 automatically detects and calculates the right amount of water and energy to use, giving you the most efficient wash.

Jet cleaning for faster detergent activation By blasting your laundry to remove stains your clothes are subjected to a jet cleaning system that circulates water around the drum. This means the detergent is activated quicker ensuring a deeper more powerful clean.

Your wash, your way Most of us have a wash programme we use most of the time so we've created a clever feature called 'My Wash' that allows you to save your favourite wash with any extra's you need for a super quick start up.

No more dirt build up Ideal for use after a really dirty load or just for regular machine maintenance. Over time dirt and bacteria builds up in your machine so why not keep it in perfect working condition by using our effective drum cleaning programme.

Efficient, reliable & quiet With brushless motor technology at its core, your Ebac inverter driven motor delivers more efficient power for significantly less noise than standard motors.

Easy in, easy on Ergonomically designed for simple and easy loading. Our machine has a high positioned door that opens at a super wide 165 degrees to reveal a massive 34cm porthole.

Flexible washday logic This machine brings you supreme flexibility and advanced programmes that fit around your lifestyle. Lifestyles change over time, whether it's a new addition to the family or changes to your work life.


EBAC 10kg 1600 spin cold fill washing machine

£825.00 Regular Price
£660.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
    • 3 unique paddles with special agitation design maximise wash performance and gets your washing really clean
    • Precision 360 technology sensors weigh your load and calculates the exact amount of water and energy
    • The inverter-driven brushless motor and quality stainless steel casing ensure long-lasting, ultra-quiet performance.
    • Ebac’s drum technology has 3600 perfect apertures to allow water and detergent to penetrate deep into laundry for deep cleaning
    • Free Delivery
    • Free Installation
    • Small charge for removal of old appliance
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