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HD Picture Performance


The High Definition M330 offers a much improved picture performance from broadcast TV – if you’re upgrading from a standard definition model. Nature programmes look more real and dramas will pop from the screen – all helped with high contrast technology.



USB Media Player


With the USB Media Player you decide what is played on the TV. Simply connect a USB drive to the socket and access personal content stored on USB: music, videos or photos. This feature makes this TV an ideal companion for the kids-room.



High Contrast Images


M330 Series TVs can deliver a higher contrast picture. Blacks are deeper and whites brighter for more dynamic images, while the colour palette is expanded when viewing from compatible sources.



Flexible Viewing Options


Watching TV in the bedroom? No problem with the flexible viewing options of the M330 Series: With DVB digital terrestrial, satellite and cable all built-in – HD Triple Tuner offers many routes to a great picture. It can also easily be connected via HDMI.



Wall-mount Option


The most significant benefit of wall mounted TVs is the space it saves you. Because the M330 Series has this option you don‘t need to take up floor space with a table or bulky TV furniture.



Space Saving & Elegant Thin Frame


With a thin frame around the screen M330 Series TVs don’t take much space and look elegant. Since they are also available in compact sizes they are the ideal TVs for study, guest or small rooms.

Panasonic TX32M330B Non- Smart HD LED TV

SKU: TX32M330
£229.00 Regular Price
£199.00Sale Price
    • HD Resolution for sharp and beautiful images
    • Deep blacks and bright whites for more dynamic images
    • Wallmount option to save floor space
    • Compact TV sizes fitting smaller rooms
    • USB Media Player to easily access personal content stored on USB
    • HDMI / Triple Tuner for flexible viewing options
    • Free Delivery
    • Free Installation

    Small charge for removal of old 

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