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The Pure Jongo S3 is relatively straightforward to setup. The power button on the front has a glowing light surround which changes to red, green or amber depending on what state it's in. Getting the Jongo S3 to play sound from your smartphone via Bluetooth is easy to do, as is using the regular 3.5mm analogue audio input. But it's only when you fire up the Wi-Fi option that the Pure Jongo S3 begins to disappoint.

The first bit, getting it setup on your network is easy, but it's then that you hit the device's somewhat arbitrary limitations. You can't just stream music to it from your computer or hi-fi, for example, and the only way to listen in using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is to download the free Pure Connect app from the iTunes Store - there's no equivalent of AirPlay here. A mobile app for Android users is promised soon.

This also means you have to use music in your iTunes library - you can't stream the likes of Spotify or Rdio over WiFi, but you can do so using Bluetooth or the 3.5mm physical connection.

Pure Jongo S3 Wireless speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth - Black

SKU: Jongo S3
£129.00 Regular Price
£79.00Sale Price
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